Introducing Cay Kimbrell, our new director of talent

I’m thrilled to announce the newest addition to MN Comeback: Cay Adams Kimbrell, our new director of talent! Cay brings to our community an abundance of talent strategy experience rooted in values of equity, individual empowerment and community pride.

Our Talent Pipeline Team aims to aggressively strengthen high-quality professional growth for educators and increase the number of teachers of color. This work is hard, but it’s also doable: Increasing our capacity positions all of us – including the one-dozen members of our Talent Pipeline Team – to further identify strategies, implement systems change and sustain momentum.

Cay, an alumna of Macalester College, is returning to Minnesota with deep experience bridging ground-up, community-driven solutions with national best practices. Most recently, she has provided improvement coaching to organizations, improved the effectiveness of hiring processes for a CMO, and served as a thought partner to organizations supporting children and families from early childhood through K-12.

Previously, Cay led a joint Louisiana Recovery School District-TNTP initiative, where she navigated the multifaceted work of change management and rebuilding a system of schools. She ultimately transitioned fully to the RSD’s leadership team to transform central office functions; there, Cay worked with diverse stakeholders to deepen engagement to sustain successful schools. Prior to that, Cay managed other TNTP strategies: Recruiting certified teachers for high-need subjects in New Orleans Public Schools and, working in concert with the Louisiana Board of Regents to grow the pipeline, introducing a teaching program at five community colleges. After receiving her bachelor’s degree from Macalester, she earned masters’ degrees in public administration and geography from Syracuse University’s Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs.

Cay has emphasized her belief in the promise of education as a source of community pride, an important tool for individual growth and for uniting communities to support one another’s development. Cay will start full-time in November, and work remotely part-time until then.

A special thank you to those who sat on the search committee or participated in the search process, particularly Anil Hurkadli, Erin Gavin, Melissa Long, Bernadeia Johnson and Maggie Sullivan.

Help me welcome Cay – and her family – to Minnesota!

— Al Fan, executive director, MN Comeback

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