Together, we can do this.

Our vision is clear:  Increase access to great schools and close the opportunity gap for 30,000 Minneapolis kids. But we can’t realize this vision unless we work together, with aligned strategies and coordinated efforts. 

MN Comeback guides a coalition of more than 80 schools, community leaders and funders, working in tight coordination on the most impactful strategies to support schools’ success.

This aligned approach helps schools grow and improve more quickly and efficiently, and helps funders invest limited resources with the greatest possible impact.

We’re working together to accomplish more than we could independently.


Identifying, recommending – and coordinating around – initiatives and grants.


Human Capital & Human Resource Operations, Minneapolis Public Schools

Community Engagement

Urban Institute, Pillsbury United Communities


Ed Allies


Nonprofits Assistance Fund

District Schools

Office of New Schools, Minneapolis Public Schools

Charter Schools

University of St. Thomas

Independent Schools

Minnesota Independent Schools Forum

Great MN Schools


Jennifer Stern

Managing Partner, GMS


Minnesota Humanities Center

Board of Directors

John & Denise Graves Foundation



Nicholas Banovetz

MN Comeback

Want to participate? Contact Nicholas Banovetz.

Our Funder Group

Pooling resources for longer-term impact.

Albright Family Foundation

Broadwaters Foundation

Bush Foundation

Cargill Foundation

Carlson Family Foundation

The Carolyn Foundation

David Winton Bell Foundation

The Douglass Brandenborg Family Foundation

Beth and David Finch

The Frey Foundation of Minnesota

GHR Foundation

General Mills Foundation

I. A. O’Shaughnessy Foundation

The Jay and Rose Phillips Family Foundation of Minnesota

John & Denise Graves Foundation

The Joyce Foundation

Longview Foundation

The McKnight Foundation

The Minneapolis Foundation

Persephone Foundation

Piper Family Fund

RKMC Foundation for Children

Sauer Family Foundation

Smikis Foundation

Soran Family Foundation

WEM Foundation

The Walton Family Foundation

Whitney Family Fund

Board of directors

Providing vision and big-picture goals.

Tad Piper

Co-Chair, MN Comeback; Piper Jaffray (retired); Piper Family Fund

Chris Smith

Co-Chair, MN Comeback; Kipsu

Rob Albright

Treasurer, MN Comeback; Albright Family Foundation; Alternative Strategy Advisers

Kate Wolford

Former Co-Chair, MN Comeback; The McKnight Foundation

Phil Soran

Compellent Technologies (retired); Xiotech (retired); Soran Family Foundation

Becky Erdahl

Carolyn Foundation

Kayla Yang-Best

Bush Foundation

David Nelson

Carlson Family Foundation

Bill Graves

John & Denise Graves Foundation

Sandy Vargas

The Minneapolis Foundation (retired)

Hamse Warfa

Independent Consultant

Carolyn Smallwood

Way to Grow


Executive Director
Director of External Relations
Director of Talent
Rashad Turner
Director of Community Engagement
Senior Development Associate
Communications Specialist
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