District Schools


  • Ensure students in the district school sector – especially those who come from low-income family backgrounds – have access to a rigorous and relevant school.


  • By 2025, create 15,000 rigorous and relevant school seats for students who experience poverty.

Team roster:

  • Betsy Ohrn, Minneapolis Public Schools (chair)
  • Nicholas Banovetz, MN Comeback
  • More team members coming soon!

Key initiatives to-date:

  • Solidified Community Partnership Schools as a strategy within Minneapolis Public Schools
  • Hosted a coalition meeting with Dan French from the Center for Collaborative Education; Dan is a national thought leader on exercising autonomy and flexibility within district schools
  • Organized site visits at the first four CPS schools: Folwell Performing Arts Magnet, Bancroft Elementary, Nellie Stone Johnson Elementary and Ramsey Middle School

Updates from Betsy Ohrn and the District Team:

Betsy Ohrn
Betsy Ohrn
  • January 2016 – Community Partnership Schools can yield strong results if implemented with full support. In accordance with ‘Acceleration 2020,’ MPS’s strategic plan, MN Comeback and the district share common values – equity, diversity, accountability – and goals: 1) the school as the unit of change; 2) grant principals increased flexibility; and 3) provide students with great educational options. The district’s strategic plan and these common values drive our support for Community Partnership Schools, including financially. Last month, MPS engaged the MN Comeback coalition in updates on CPS. We spoke about cohort one and a budding second cohort; Dan French, who leads the Center for Collaborative Education in Boston, spoke about autonomous district schools from around the country, touching on best practices like distributed leadership at autonomous schools, leaders who can think outside of the box and challenge the status quo, and the importance of having a clear vision that guides the way autonomies are used at the school site.

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