• High-performing and high-potential schools are able to: 1) Establish strong school teams through the retention and development of effective educators, and 2) Fill openings with highly effective, diverse candidates.

Goals, by 2025:

  • MN Comeback aims to support the retention and development of 2,000 educators across the continuum of the teaching profession from recruitment, training, hiring, and on-boarding to leadership development with 50 percent of new hires identifying as people of color

Team roster:

  • Maggie Sullivan, Minneapolis Public Schools (chair)
  • Madaline Edison, Educators for Excellence
  • Jeb Myers, Cristo Rey Twin Cities
  • Alvin Abraham, KIPP North Star
  • Rose Chu, Metro State
  • Bernadeia Johnson
  • Patricia McKee, Teach For America-Twin Cities
  • Stephanie Banchero, Joyce Foundation
  • Stacy Strauss Sellers
  • Melissa Long, Achievement Network
  • Crystal Brakke, Teach For America
  • Daniel Glass, Minneapolis Public Schools
  • Erin Gavin, The McKnight Foundation
  • Anil Hurkadli, Thrivent Foundation
  • Cay Kimbrell, MN Comeback
  • More team members coming soon!

Key initiatives to-date:

  • Piloting the Achievement Network professional development (2015-2017)
  • Funding the second cohort of the Minneapolis Residency Program (2016-2017)
  • Piloting New Leaders’ Transforming Teams (2015-2016)

Updates from Maggie Sullivan and the Talent Team:

Maggie Sullivan
Maggie Sullivan
  • May 2016 – MN Comeback’s news release announcing initial grants included two initiatives at the direction of the Talent Team. MN Comeback awarded the first grant, $574,575, to the Minneapolis Residency Program. The one-year licensure program at the district prepares teachers from a targeted pool of qualified, diverse internal district candidates who demonstrate commitment to the district and community. Featuring 75 percent-plus people of color, the program is diversifying the teaching force – a long-cited need for urban schools – and improving urban teacher preparation. The grant pays for 16 residents’ participation in the program, including salary, benefits and testing support. And MN Comeback awarded the second grant, $250,000, to the Achievement Network. MN Comeback will fund school leaders’ and lead teachers’ participation in the Achievement Network, considered by participants across the country as one of the most comprehensive and successful leadership development experiences available. This program will be available across all school sectors.
  • March 2016 – Anil Hurkadli, chair (former) of the Talent Team, shared updates at MN Comeback’s winter coalition convening on his team’s budding plan to strengthen talent pipeline development. Highlights include:
    • Working with locally grown programs, such as the district’s Grow Your Own residency and Metro State, as well as the Achievement Network and New Leaders pilot programs.
    • Launching a search for a director of talent to conduct a landscape analysis (what’s working well, what’s missing), coordinate existing and new development offerings, and centralize recruitment and evaluation.

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