Hiring, developing, retaining talent

Educator talent is the highest-impact lever for increased student success. Support for building and sustaining effective school-based talent management practice is underdeveloped in our ecosystem, and schools across our city are seeking more ways to connect with educators who are inspired by the great teaching and learning happening in schools. Therefore we have provided critical capacity building through a talent-ready cohort facilitated by EdFuel and TNTP, and we’re supporting the efforts of Teach For America to increase the number of aspiring teachers in our community, expand the impact of the network of over 700 TFA alumni, and strengthen pathways for teacher-leadership and aspiring school leaders.

The EdFuel-TNTP talent-ready cohort is focused on building school leadership’s capacity to sustain and move forward faster on the talent initiatives that will have the greatest impact on students and staff. The program pairs direct support with a cohort experience to ensure that participants receive tailored support on advancing their most-pressing talent needs, but also have access to a toolkit and network to engage when future talent priorities arise. Through the monthly cohort convenings, participating schools/networks strengthen their knowledge of national best practices while building local relationships and benefitting from the collective experience of peer schools in Minneapolis. Additionally, through cohort training sessions specifically on recruitment best practices and targeted recruitment support, schools can increase their capacity to more effectively connect with teacher candidates.

TFA partners with schools across our city to foster an engaged and thriving network of educators with capacity to advance innovation within schools, the education ecosystem, and sectors that impact children, youth and families. The impact of corps members and alumni at all levels of the education ecosystem – classrooms, schools, school systems and more – is driving meaningful educational progress in communities across the country and here in our own community. Each year, TFA hosts its “Choose the Twin Cities” event which draws alumni across the country to consider roles in our region. Last year 130 alumni, 35% of whom identify as people of color, attended the event. On average, more than half accept a position in our region’s educator workforce. And, each year schools in our community hire new TFA teachers, 40% of whom identify as teachers of color. TFA also coordinates efforts to increase teacher leadership development and support aspiring school leaders through the following two initiatives:

The School Leadership Project Bench Programa year-long leadership development program designed for successful teachers in years 3-7 of their practice to explore the skills and practices for effective adult leadership and to pursue a meaningful leadership goal with a site based mentor. 

New Leaders Principal Institutea program for leaders who are in new principal, instructional coaching or assistant principal roles. It provides targeted, job-connected support to coach colleagues to improve teaching, influence learning across classrooms, and reflect on and improve their own practice. 

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