Learn from student experience on Feb 7…

A tree is 14 feet tall.

How tall is the tree in inches?

As discussed in this post by our friends at EdNavigator, this question is not one many 4th graders can answer. (Here in Minnesota, 4 out of 10 can’t answer it correctly.) Join fellow community leaders, advocates, families and educators to understand why:

What:  Centering the student experience featuring TNTP

When:  Thursday, Feb. 7, 2019 – 8:30 a.m. (8 a.m. check-in)

Where:  Cora McCorvey YMCA, 1015 4th Ave. N., Minneapolis

R.S.V.P.:  Register here

‘The Opportunity Myth’ offers context on how we arrived at the statistic above. Written by TNTP, it validates that “most students—and especially students of color, those from low-income families, those with mild to moderate disabilities, and English language learners—spen[d] the vast majority of their school days missing out on four crucial resources: grade-appropriate assignments, strong instruction, deep engagement, and teachers with high expectations.”

Great schools – and teaching – have tremendous power in shaping the trajectory of a child’s life. Together, we’ll explore the implications of this report and unpack the path to sustainable solutions.

We didn’t arrive at an inequitable education system by chance, but through reinforcement of the status quo as the norm.

Together, we can change those norms and ensure that Minneapolis’ 30,000 underserved youth enjoy a school experience that is both rigorous and relevant.

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