Great teaching and learning

We support school leaders in ensuring their systems and practices are all focused on providing teachers with the skill development, resources, materials and feedback necessary for strong instructional practices to thrive in every classroom. Current investments in this critical area include:

Achievement Network: The program works alongside school leadership teams to strengthen their school-wide practice and culture of using learning standards, achievement data, and analysis of student work to get breakthrough results for students. The level of partnership with ANet is tailored to school need and readiness for implementation; this can include job-embedded coaching for instructional leaders, interim assessments, data reports, tools and instructional resources, as well as informational supports such as learning walks in participating schools.

Relay National Principal Academy FellowshipAn intensive year-long, job-embedded leadership program for current principals and principal supervisors focused on data-driven instruction through effective implementation of school-wide systems for collecting and analyzing student work; daily practices to maintain engaging learning environments; best practices and routines for effective classroom observation and feedback to teachers; deepening leaders’ understanding of math and reading standards. MN Comeback reserves space for school leaders in the yearly cohort typically in January with confirmation of school participants in March. 

TNTP Instructional Culture Insight SurveyThis diagnostic tool uses teacher feedback to help school leaders understand how their teachers perceive their school culture, with questions targeted to the school’s instructional leadership practices; adult culture; professional development and leadership; and other key components that make the school a supportive and positive organization within which to work. Built on survey data from more than 130,000 teacher responses nationwide and independently validated by leading research organizations, Insight breaks down complex leadership practices and culture into discrete parts, giving school leaders the clarity they need to build the workplace that teachers deserve. Schools with strong instructional cultures retain a higher percentage of their effective teachers and achieve greater academic success with students. Insight benchmarks results against a set of schools with strong practices – so schools can learn from those exemplars.

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