Get Minneapolis School Finder copies on 2/7!

For the first time in recent years, enrollment at high-performing schools is rising while that of low-performing schools has declined by nearly 1,000 students. It’s news that has us eager to release our 3rd edition of ‘Minneapolis School Finder’ in the coming weeks; a tool we hope will help that trend continue.

Register for our Feb. 7 convening featuring TNTP 
and pick up your copy!

Students in low-performing schools are about four times less likely to perform at grade level and be ready to proceed to the next grade than if they were attending a high-performing one. 

But with a wave of informed, empowered parents, that’s changing: 10,000 copies of the school finder will be readily available for parents. Our resource guide features 27 changing-the-odds schools, and tips for finding that best-fit school in multiple languages. 

Want to ensure our city is one with great schools and opportunities for kids? Join us at our coalition convening on February 7 to keep the experiences students have in the classroom central to our work, using TNTP’s ‘The Opportunity Myth‘ to help guide us toward sustainable solutions for positive outcomes.

No matter their zip code, background or circumstance, a great education is possible for all students.

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