Resources from our coalition convening with TNTP

Thank you to the educators, advocates and philanthropists who attended our coalition convening featuring TNTP’s report, ‘The Opportunity Myth’! Our discussion surrounded students – especially those underserved, of color – spending most of their time in school without access to four key resources:

1. Grade-appropriate assignments
2. Strong instruction
3. Deep engagement 
4. Teachers with high expectations 

And, what we can do to change this, was an important use of our time together. 

The presentation and resources linked below offer a wealth of available information to help with your next steps – be it learning more about what standards-aligned assignments look like and discerning curriculum choices to action guides for parents, educators, policymakers. 

TNTP action guides:


Lastly, this timely post from Rameisha Johnson of EdNavigator, who addressed our coalition last year, on why parents need real information on their child’s academic progress and teachers with mindsets that academic rigor is possible for all students.

We look forward to sharing with you our work to highlight and improve the experiences our students have in local schools, and learning from you as well. 

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