Parents are calling for transparency & equity at the Capitol

In January, we committed to making this legislative session one of parent voice. Since then, we’ve helped hundreds of parents shake things up at the Capitol – testifying in hearings, addressing legislators one-on-one, speaking with the media.

And several of our priorities have a fighting chance of making their way to the governor’s desk. Can we count on you to reach out to state leaders?

Equipping families with real transparency on schools

Sixty parent advocates have joined us in urging passage of summative school ratings (SF 299), a starting point for families to understand school performance in a clear, comparable way. Minneapolis School Finder and our Family Advocates have demonstrated that, with holistic, easy-to-understand information, families are more equipped to make sound choices.

We’re also rallying behind investing $1 million to overhaul our state’s broken Report Card – ensuring our state’s parent hub is accessible and user-friendly. 

ACT NOW for school transparency!

For families, delivering on funding equity

Parents were visible when the senate heard Opportunity Scholarships (SF 1872/HF 1894) – the committee room was standing room only. This is a proposed tax credit for private contributions that alleviate financial barriers for low-income kids to enroll in schools best-equipped to meet their academic and cultural needs. With access to new, sustainable resources, schools doing well by kids underserved will be able to enroll more students.

We’ve helped convene a broad coalition to advance scholarships – OAK, EdAllies, the MN Independent School Forum, and a host of other groups and schools. We’ve also ensured legislation targets students most underserved and is grounded in accountability. The coalition has garnered 15 earned media stories and mobilized 3,300 emails into elected officials.

ACT NOW and continue the momentum!

Safeguarding tiered licensure for greater teacher diversity, effectiveness

We’re thankful to Sens. Nelson and Anderson for including $1 million in funding in the senate education bill for alternative teacher certification grant programs over the next two years.

Teacher candidates also need tiered licensure – another way to increase the effectiveness and diversity of our teacher workforce. Yet, some legislators are fighting to dismantle progress to hire needed talent in schools. Educators and advocates have flooded the Capitol to fight HF 1329. 

ACT NOW to protect tiered licensure for diverse, effective teachers!

This isn’t easy work and, it isn’t work that goes over smoothly with those used to holding – not sharing – resources, power and opportunity. Thank you for your sustained efforts as we work toward a stronger, more equitable Minnesota.

#PossibleTogether –

Rashad Turner & Nicholas Banovetz

Rashad Turner

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