Our zine—‘Schools That Work’

Hello Families, Students, Fellow Advocates and Educators! 

No matter their neighborhood in Minneapolis, every child and family should benefit from schools that work—where rigorous academics and relevant experiences go hand-in-hand.

And the time has come for families to know more because they insist on better information. We’ve heard enough stories of students left behind and pushed out. Families left feeling unwelcome and out of the loop. We’ve heard the abysmal percentages and test scores tell one infuriating story after another—of discouragement, dismissal and diminishment. 

That’s why we’re excited to share ‘Schools That Work’—a collection of stories that highlight what it means for students (in the words of families) when schools strive to benefit all students. Children thrive when rigorous academics are relevant—both relatable today and preparing them to face the world. 

Students and their families should expect more examples of changing-the-odds schools that educate young minds—no matter their zip code, skin color, family language or financial circumstances. Our hope, that this bright zine—published in Somali, Spanish, English and Hmong—speaks to that expectation and inspires families to choose schools that balance challenging academics with relevance, such as supportive relationships, effective communication, strong school culture and cultural intelligence. 

Download your copy today or request hard copies.

We believe in parents as leaders and advocates. And excellent parent resources, in relevant languages, empower them to better advocate for their children. We’re sharing, with you, the stories that need to be heard in the hope that you share them with someone, too.

With urgency and hope,

Veronica Rivera Arteaga
Keary Saffold
Jennifer Davis

Contributing writers, ‘Schools That Work’ 

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