Apply for TNTP’s Teach MN pathway

We’re committed to improving how children experience school. We know every child’s talents are nurtured when they have a great teacher and all kids benefit from an educator workforce that reflects the rich diversity of our community. 

But school leaders struggle to hire enough teachers, particularly those of color. While one-third of Minnesota students come from diverse backgrounds, only 4% of teachers do. Many partners have joined together to remedy this; for our students’ success, alternative pathways are essential to increase teacher effectiveness and to develop a diverse teaching population.

Last year, we identified TNTP as a high-caliber—and severely needed—provider. Through coursework and direct coaching, it equips aspiring teachers with the skills to meet students’ diverse learning needs, and to hold high expectations for and to build trust with students. TNTP has trained 37,000 teachers across multiple states, 50% of whom identify as people of color.

Following its approval to be a licensure provider, we’re pleased to share TNTP’s newly launched Teach Minnesota pathway application. Interested candidates can apply for the program that starts this summer!

Teacher assistants and paraprofessionals, Teach For America corps members, recent college graduates, individuals inspired to change careers and parents re-entering the workforce are among the candidates that Teach Minnesota can serve.

The launch of TNTP’s pathway is a culmination of our—and partners’—work over the past year. We’re proud to be among a committed group of funders, school leaders and advocates who have championed this work. Please spread the word for aspiring teachers in your networks.

Cay Kimbrell
Director of Talent

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